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POG Cinema Advertising

We Help Other Businesses Grow

For over 35 years, POG Cinema Advertising has been helping businesses build and maintain a positive presence in their local community. Our CineMission program is an engaging mix of movie facts, local ads, and trivia. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful and engaging content that is fun to watch and paints a positive picture of all our ad clients. We provide unique access to a captive audience and their undivided attention. Let our family show you what the big screen can do for your organization.

Cinema Preshow Demo

A Smarter Way To Promote Your Business

Reach Your Local Audience

With Cinemas remaining the top american leisure activity for decades, cinema advertising has become a staple for anyone trying to reach a local audience.

Promote Your Business In A Positive Tone

Unlike TV and most other forms of advertisement, which are seen as an interruption, on screen ads are warmly welcomed by most cinema attendees.

Engage Your Audience's Undivided Attention

With undivided attention becoming increasingly rare in our multi-device world, cinema advertising is a unique opportunity to reach an audience with a sole focus.

Ad Content Done Your Way

A Beautiful New Ad Built For You

Don’t have an ad fit for the big screen? No problem! At POG Cinema Advertising, we make it easy to have a beautiful and engaging ad in your local movie theatre. Let our experts create you an ad that you will be proud to show to your whole community!

Or Use An Existing Ad

Already have an ad you love? Let our production team adapt and convert it to look beautiful on the big cinema screen. Breathe new life into your current marketing campaigns by bringing your existing ad to the theatre screen.

Why Advertise in a Movie Theatre?

“The sheer impact and engagement of watching an ad on the big screen means cinema is the medium of choice when it comes to strengthening a brand, delivering key messages, increasing awareness and attracting new customers.”

-Screen Daily

Whether to create brand awareness, or increase current brand recognition, cinema advertising is often a key player in many effective marketing strategies. Advertising in a movie theater allows your business to connect with your local community in a way that is positive, consistent, and memorable. If your goal is a stronger brand, cinema advertising may be just the way to do it.

When delivering an important message, it is absolutely crucial that the audience is paying attention and receptive. Cinema advertising remains one of the only venues that provides access to an audience that is fully engaged and actually welcomes the ad content. Ensure your message is heard and received well by showing it at the movie theatre. 

Did you recently change names, move to a new location, update your services, or change your hours? If you need to make your customers aware of some recent changes, or you simply want to increase awareness of your brand, an advertisement at the cinema can be a valuable tool. Cinema advertising has proven to be extremely memorable and effective at generating positive "buzz". 

We have all heard it before - first impressions are the most important. Cinema advertising gives your business the chance to make a lasting first impression, in a big way! Enthrall your potential customers with a memorable ad shown in beautiful high definition on a giant cinema screen. Now that's making an entrance!

Are You Getting Your Time In The Spotlight? POG Can Help.