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How Does Cinema Advertising Work?


POG Cinema Advertising has been creating advertisements to show in movie theatres for over 35 years. We understand cinema advertising may sound complex to get started with, but our team is here to make things simple. Our process comes down to just a few basic steps:

1) Time and Rate Selection

Each theatre has a unique preshow with a scheduled list of content to run. The first step in starting your cinema advertising adventure is to take a look at the rate card for your target theatre and select your desired spot from any of the available slots in the schedule. Each slot has an associated monthly rate.

2) Select Options & Pay Desposit

Every advertising agreement we write is unique and created solely for that client. This allows us to provide our clients with options like various term lengths, discounted or combo rates, and different production choices. Your sales agent will go over your various options and keep things very simple like, “Do you already have an ad you want to use or would you like us to create one for you?” Once an agreement is approved, a deposit consisting of the production charge plus one month is collected, and a new member of the POG family is born. 

3) Plan Production & Submit Materials

Once the agreement and deposit have been processed in, our production team will reach out to you. You will work directly with a member of the production team to submit your existing ad, or any content that may be helpful in creating your new ad, such as logos, photos, and voiceover scripts.

4) Review & Approve Your Ad Draft

We work hard to ensure that every client is completely satisfied with their ad. After you have planned your ad with our production team, you will receive a draft copy of the ad our team has created. This is your chance to review the content and request any necessary changes. Once the draft meets your approval, our team starts on a final rendering while you sit back and relax!

5) Go See Yourself On The Big Screen

After we get your final approval on the ad draft, we can have your final ad on screen in 2-9 days, depending on theatre and timing in the week. Then it is time to go see your new ad up on the big cinema screen! Don’t forget to leave us a review and tell us what you think about your new ad!

Your Time In The Spotlight Awaits. It's Time To Get Started.